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No other Society activity generates so much interest and involvement as the History Center. Long a dream of the organization, the Society found a temporary home for such a facility in the spring of 1984 at the Oak Park Center in Pleasant Hill, California. In May 2000 the History Center moved to 610 Main Street in Martinez, California, and January 2013 finds us in our new location at 724 Escobar, Martinez.

What Is The History Center?

The History Center is not basically a "museum" or a place where yesterday's artifacts sit mute in dusty corners. Rather, it is designed to be primarily a living archive-a treasure trove of the records, the letters, the pictures, maps and books-the thousand and one records that tell the story of our past.

It is intended as a focus for scholarly activity, offering valuable resources available for serious students and writers of history and a place where teachers can find prime source material on the County's past to share with their students.

The Center aims to serve as a location where all the County's community historical societies can search for additional materials to add to their individual collections. Moreover, it is planned as a workshop where educational programs and interpretive exhibits on various aspects of County history can be put together for loan to schools and businesses. One of the main objectives is to get as many of the Society's historical materials out where they can be seen and enjoyed by all of the citizenry.

The Center serves as a place where the mementoes, memories and written and pictorial records of Contra Costa County's past can be collected to which residents and former residents can offer photos, letters and records for consideration as part of the Society's collection.

Finally, the Center is a working facility where the records of yesteryear will be safeguarded for all time for the enrichment of future generations.

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